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Beech Bonsai - Taiwan Origin Specie

Beech Bonsai - Taiwan Origin Specie

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Beech are highly prized for bonsai because of their characteristic white bark, beautiful foliage, winter hardiness and easy training. There are several beech species native to Taiwan, Japan and European region.  

Its leaves are soft, with very delicate texture alike the maple. Heart shape leaf with beautiful edges. Its bark, as a young bonsai is olive green color and will turn to white as it matured.  Tree like look and feel, many will welcome this bonsai into their collection.

Now is the Spring season, and our Beech from Taiwan has beautiful fresh foliage.

Limited edition, and visit us to view this bonsai  at our showroom.

Botanical name: Fagus hayatae

Length x Height: 18cm x 20cm

Size: Mame

Style : Upright

Japan Bonsai Care:

Watering: Daily watering on soil . Avoid water leaves.

Sunlight: Outdoor shady

Fertilizer: Once a month

Repotting: Once a year




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