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Buddhist Pine Bonsai ( Taiwan ) 珍珠罗汉松

Buddhist Pine Bonsai ( Taiwan ) 珍珠罗汉松

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 Embrace the warm gesture of arms wide opening style in this Buddhist Pine bonsai.

Buddhist Pine is species of the genus, native to Taiwan, southern Japan and southern and eastern China. Common names in English include yew plum pine, Buddhist pine, fern pine and Japanese yew. The evergreen buddhist pine is tree or shrub that grows in tropical mountain regions, has the strength to rise up to 40m tall. Here we have a Shohin size bonsai sits in the royal blue aesthetic pot for you !

Buddhist Pine has dark green narrow lanceolate leaves which resemble the needles of the yew. Buddhist pine is highly regarded as a feng shui tree in Hong Kong, giving it a very high market value. The podocarpus macrophyllus can ideally sit indoor in a nice bonsai pot all year round. Like a child, it will seek your attention to bring it out for sun bathing in shady corner of your balcony or garden. A boast of fresh air may lift the soul of the tree, refresh its outlook.

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Botanical name: Podocarpus macrophyllus

Length x Height: 42 x 32cm

Size: Shohin

Style: Open arms style

Origin: Taiwan

Bonsai care:

Watering: Daily watering

Sunlight: Indoor and Outdoor bonsai

Fertilizer: Once a month 

Repotting : Once a year

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