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Cucur Atap Bonsai 岗松

Cucur Atap Bonsai 岗松

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The Cucur Atap is a native of northern Peninsular Malaysia in states such as Trengganu and Kelantan, gaining popularity as a bonsai in the recent years. Admirers of this species will know that Cucur Atap can be styled in different ways, trimmed to a very majestic stature, or it can also be very unique when you let its natural willowy leaves develop. It is therefore a splendid piece to add a carefree flow to any space.

This Cucur Atap bonsai is potted in a traditional square pot. Its thick base trunk is covered with lush moss, and foliage is mature and long, showing off the Cucur Atap's signature willowy look.  

  • Botanical Name: Baeckea Frutescens
  • Size: Kifu-Sho (H60cm x W50cm)
  • Origin: Malaysia
  • This bonsai is specially soiled with high quality Japanese Akadama and Coco Peat soil mix to ensure quality tree health.
  • All our bonsai are potted with quality ceramic or porcelain pots.

Bonsai Care:

  • Watering: Daily/Once every 2 days (Ensure that soil is dry/almost dry before watering) 
  • Sunlight: Outdoor bonsai
  • Fertilizer: Once a month
  • Repotting: Once a year.
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