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Golden Juniper Shimpaku Bonsai 日本黄金真柏

Golden Juniper Shimpaku Bonsai 日本黄金真柏

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Juniperus chinensis is an evergreen tree with needle-like foliage and a compact conical form reminiscent of Christmas trees. A favourite of many bonsai collectors, it is a living symbol of strength and resilience. A less common type would be the Golden Juniper, which features a brilliant yellowish-green foliage and stands out amongst other Junipers.

This Golden Juniper is styled as a cascading bonsai, set in a tall matte Japanese pot. The cascading style is one of the most unique bonsai styles that is hard to achieve, hence it is well appreciated by bonsai collectors.

  • Botanical name: Juniperus Chinensis
  • Measurement: H25cm x W25cm
  • Size: Shohin
  • Style: Cascading "Kengai"
  • Origin: Japan
  • All our bonsai are soiled with high quality Japanese Akadama, Pumice and Volcano Lava soil mix to ensure quality tree health.
  • All our bonsai are potted with quality clay or porcelain pots.

Bonsai Care:

  • Watering: Daily/Once every 2 days (Ensure that soil is dry/almost dry before watering) 
  • Sunlight: Outdoor bonsai
  • Fertilizer: Once a month
  • Repotting: Once a year
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