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Japanese Old Silverberry with thick trunk Bonsai 寒茱萸

Japanese Old Silverberry with thick trunk Bonsai 寒茱萸

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Japanese Silverberry Bonsai. A leafy bonsai with 'silver dust' sprinkled over its leaves that gives it its name. Have a beautiful old thick trunk with full and lush foliage. Often the westerner called it the Autumn Olive tree. Tree like look and feel, with gesture of both arms opening to welcome you. 

Is a great piece for your reception in home or office .

A semi-deciduous shrub from the Japan and the Himalaya . Potentially the tree can grows from 2m to 5m high with broad, green above-silver beneath, wavy-edged leaves. Imagine how rare to have Silverberry be a bonsai, shaped like a tree. 

In late spring and early summer at the right conditions will manifest its silvery white flowers, a scent so welcoming in the air. 

Some expresses Silver Age as wisdom and grace, and this Silver berry tree indeed speak the truth and relevancy. Will we age so gracefully?  I wish and I wish for my parent to be so full of wisdom and grace when aging catch up with us all. 

Ideally is a wonderful gift to present to elderly a bonsai tree with a name " Silverberry "

Berry is sweet, Silver is about wisdom and grace.

At leisure time, it will be lovely to have my Grandparent or Parent to sit close by this Silverberry tree and sip tea while watching the unmovable tree.  It is about resilience while growing old.  The companionship of Silverberry bonsai is indeed what most silver age love to be close to.  Ideal gift for their birthday .

We have the best Silverberry bonsai  in town. View it this weekend at our showroom.

  • Botanical name: Elaeagnus sp.
  • .Length x Height: 30cm x 31cm
  • Size: Shohin
  • Style: Moyogi
  • Origin: Japan
  • Ideal condition, it may manifest flowers. 

Bonsai Care:

  • Watering: Daily watering
  • Sunlight: Outdoor bonsai
  • Fertilizer: Once a month
  • Repotting: Once a year
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