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Taiwanese Lemon Verbena Bonsai

Taiwanese Lemon Verbena Bonsai

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This is a very hardy bonsai with thick trunk, leaves and flowers. Its is very easy to care for and produces flowers very often if given enough sunlight. It's leaves also grows very fast so it's perfect for people who wants to experiment or try out trimming and styling bonsais. When crushed, its leaves gives out a hint of citrus scent.

  • Botanical name: Aloysia citrodora
  • Length x Height: 60x40cm
  • Size: Kifu-sho
  • Style: Broom (Hokidachi)
  • Origin: Taiwan

Bonsai care:

  • Watering: Daily watering
  • Sunlight: Outdoor bonsai
  • Fertilizer: Once a month
  • Repotting: Once a year
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