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Ming Aralia- Bonsai Forest

Ming Aralia- Bonsai Forest

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Ming Aralia bonsai assembled in a forest landscape. Native to the tropics of India and Polynesia, Ming aralia is an interesting and exotic specie ,an evergreen shrub. Bright green or yellow foliage. Its ferny, feathery leaves droop from graceful narrow branches that grow straight up, forming a many-layered.

This is the Forest of Ming Aralia.

Speaking to you in calm.

Not a single word or sound.

Just Ming Aralia standing tall.

No wind or storm overtake the forest's courage.

Determine to unite each trees

Ming Aralia Forever the forest in your dream or reality.

Botanical name: Ming Aralia

Length x Height: 18cm x 23cm

Size: Shohin

Style: Forest

Origin: Malaysia

Bonsai care:

Watering: Daily watering

Sunlight: Outdoor bonsai

Fertilizer: Once a month

Repotting: Once a year

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