Why Bonsai?

Why Bonsai?

A bonsai journey is lifelong hobby and here at Bonsai Inc, we are committed to journeying with you.

Bonsai art has been around for over a thousand years and started in China whereby trees are dwarfed and miniaturised into very small containers such as trays, earthen pots and porcelain pots. Bonsai tree was later pursued by the Japanese and they further developed and refined the art of bonsai into today's standard.

Japanese Elm

Why Bonsai?

We call each bonsai a tree and not a plant because they are essentially trees in miniature form and their characteristics and care are quite different from plant care. To start your bonsai journey, do consider a few points before committing to a tree:

  1. Growing a bonsai tree is like adopting a pet animal. Do you have time to take care of it on a daily basis like watering and sunning?
  2. Conduct regular trimming like how you would bath and clean your pet animal?
  3. Take care of it when its condition isn't well as they can fall sick like us humans?

It might seem daunting to some that a bonsai tree requires so much attention but they are still many people who are devoted to this art because of the intangible value from growing and cultivating your own bonsai:

  1. It nurtures a person's patience. It takes time see the rewards from a well maintained bonsai. It has a life of its own and learning to accept how nature changes beyond your expectations is a form of learning too.
  2. Trains your mindfulness. What better way to train your mindfulness than to spend some time daily focusing on caring for your tree. Observing its daily changes and appreciating the little details nature created.
  3. Develop a caring nature. According to some research, children who grew up with pet animals learns how to care and show kindness more. Learning to care for a bonsai tree develops the same caring nature of its owner who take responsibility for his/her bonsai.
  4. Happiness. The greatest joy for most bonsai owners are having the delay gratification of seeing their enduring efforts blossoming into a beautiful bonsai as it ages with beauty.
  5. A piece of living art. A well cultivated bonsai displayed in your home brings more pride and joy than a piece of static artwork.
  6. It is a generational heirloom. Bonsai are trees that can live for hundreds of years. It is an asset that you can pass down to next generations and its value increases over time with age.

These are just some of the benefits of owning a bonsai tree and we believe they are many more. We at Bonsai Inc look forward to meeting you on your own bonsai journey.

bonsai at home
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