Bonsai Repotting Services

At Bonsai Inc, our bonsai team members are trained and knowledgeable with bonsai repotting services. Repotting of bonsai requires skills and knowledge in:

  • Choice of pots (Size, depth, colour etc)
  • Bonsai composition (The art of bonsai)
  • Choice of soiling media.
  • Wiring skills to keep roots and trees stable.

Prices for bonsai repotting service:
*Prices do not include pot. You can purchase from us or bring your own pot.

Trees up to 20cm  $65.00
Trees up to 30cm $85.00
Trees up to 40cm $110.00
Trees up above 40cm P.O.A

Repotting will take a day to complete but we recommend clients to leave your bonsai with us for a few days to monitor its health post-repotting.

Trimming and wiring services:

From $35.00 onwards.

On-site maintainence of bonsai:

Base Fee of $150.00 per bonsai + required service fees.