About us

Bonsai Transcends Time, Culture & People

Our Beginning

We, at Bonsai Inc are deeply intrigued with the art and journey of Bonsai keeping.

Bonsai transcends time, culture and people. Like nature which blends harmoniously with life, we want to bring that blend into people’s everyday walks of life.

We want to keep the balance of engaging collectors community, to introduce bonsai to all ages and encourage everyone to adopt the spirit infused with bonsai.

Our dream is that in every home and space, there will be a blend of greenery, a blend of balance, A Bonsai.

Our Mission

To provide Quality Bonsai selections in both the physical and digital world. To treat our customers with Warmth, Understanding and Care. Dedication to Improving Customer's satisfaction with Innovation and Integrity at Heart.

Our Inspiration

Born out of the pandemic, we are motivated by the practise of Bonsai keeping that which embodies positive elements to nurture resilience, peace and support in these rapidly evolving times.

Our Inspiration is drawn from diversity & challenges. Our partners came together from different walks of life & experiences, to take Bonsai Inc from conceptualization into fruition.

Our Vision

To bring the Best in Bonsai to everyone’s journey through life.