Workshops for Corporate, Events, etc.

Bonsai Inc is experienced and dedicated to making bonsai a positively healing and accessible activity, even for large groups like corporate team bonding and events. 

Why sign up for a Bonsai Workshop?

In these rapidly evolving times, it is difficult for one to find time to relax and think. 

The Zen practice of bonsai keeping is a unique activity that can help modern people decompress and bond through creative art and nature. It is perfect for teams 

Bonsai keeping is an ancient hobby where the owner cares for a miniature tree through routine practices like watering, trimming, wiring, and repotting. 

It is a lifelong art piece that will grow alongside the owner and train one’s mind to be more patient, enduring, and peaceful.


Where is the workshop held at? 

Bonsai Inc hosts workshops at our indoor-outdoor hybrid showroom located at Midview City. Our space is air-conditioned and can host groups of up to 10 pax. 

We can also conduct on-site workshops with all materials and bonsais brought to the comfort of your own place. 


What are the contents of the workshop?

Our Bonsai workshop features two sections of theory and hands-on. The workshop last for 2-3 hours. After the workshop, participants may keep the bonsai piece that they have worked on.


  • Bonsai culture and history
  • Different types of bonsai (styles, sizes, species)
  • How are bonsai's styled (pot, pruning, wiring)
  • How to determine the value of bonsai


  • Bonsai repotting (participants can select a bonsai and pot of their choice)
  • Learning the use of different bonsai tools (available for sale as well)

Contents of the workshop are highly customizable and flexible, and workshop duration can be adjusted according to client needs. 


What is the cost of group workshops?

For large groups, the prices of workshops start from $168/pax. Please contact us via Whatsapp (+65 8013 1669) or Email ( for an exact quotation!