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Brazilian Rain Tree 巴西雨树

Brazilian Rain Tree 巴西雨树

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This is a rare collector bonsai species known for its signature 'rain tree' look with dense compound leaves. Apart from its smooth, light-coloured trunk, another unique trait of it is that its leaves fold up in the evening and open up when exposed to light.

This piece is semi-cascading, with thick trunk and elegant twists. It is potted in a emerald green oval pot.

  • Botanical name: Pithecellobium tortum
  • Height x Width: H47cm x W54cm
  • Size: Kifu-sho
  • Style: Semi-cascading 'Han-kengai'
  • Origin: Japan

Bonsai Care:

  • Watering: Water daily or every two days (when the top layer of soil is dry)
  • Sunlight: Outdoor bonsai
  • Fertilizer: Once a month
  • Repotting: Once a year
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