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Sansi LED Growlight 20W Bulb

Sansi LED Growlight 20W Bulb

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SANSI Daylight Full Spectrum LED grow light features patented ceramic heat dissipation LED technology, uniformed lighting and spectrum. It is a effective grow lighting solution for indoor gardening, indoor farming, residential, office plants, grow walls etc.

  • Strong Light Promotes Photosynthesis
  • The light-emitting angle is equal to  60° and the lighting is concentrated in one area with strong illumination and good effect.
  • Full Spectrum, Higher CRI, Growth Promotion
  • Simulating Natural Light Makes the Lighting Softer
  • Unique light distribution, soft lighting and good light-emitting uniformity effectively prevent plants from growing too high.
  • Fits E27 bulb socket.
  • PPFD:129.5-14.44μmol/s/㎡
  • Size: 110mm diameter. 131mm Height.
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