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Sun Series LED Growlight 10W - E17 base

Sun Series LED Growlight 10W - E17 base

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This Sun Series LED 10W with E17 base is a growlight buld suitable for smaller bonsai trees and using smaller lamp.


  • Operating voltage: 100V
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Aluminum / Steel
  • Base: E17
  • Type: Light bulb (* lighting equipment is not included)
  • Light size: Diameter 6 cm Length 8 cm
  • White LED: 380 ~ 840nm

* It looks white to the naked eye, but the strongest wavelength is adjusted to 660 nm for red and 450 nm for blue. )

  • Red light has the effect of promoting photosynthesis, and blue light has the effect of forming large fruits and leaves.
  • It can be installed on E17 type lighting fixtures. Suitable for smaller plants.
  • Recommended irradiation distance, 20cm ~ 70cm (depending on the condition of the plant you are raising) away from the plant.
  • When the recommended distance is 40 cm, the irradiation range is 60 cm.
  • Plant Light is a groundbreaking light that allows you to grow plants indoors.
  • Energy saving because it is an LED.
  • Even if it is irradiated for 12 hours a day, the electricity bill for one month is about 82 yen.
  • If the sunlight is too weak, the plants grown indoors will also grow steadily and it will be difficult to grow them properly.
  • Let's grow the plants vigorously with the plant growing light.

● Precautions before using this product
* Please be sure to read before purchasing.

● The following equipment cannot be used.
* It may cause damage or malfunction.

○ Never use it with a light bulb fixture or circuit with a remote control.
○ Never use it with an instrument that has a dimming (brightness can be adjusted) function.
(Including step dimmer) (Cannot be used even with 100% lighting)
○ Emergency lighting fixtures, guide light fixtures, HID lamps (mercury lamps, etc.) fixtures,
Never use it with a device with a motion sensor dedicated to incandescent light bulbs.
(In addition, depending on the type of equipment used, it may not be possible to use it due to dimensional, thermal, or other circumstances.)
○ Never use it with heat insulating material construction equipment (SB, SGI, SG type display equipment).
○ Be sure to use equipment that can accommodate more than the wattage of this product.
(If the lamp is 20W, please check if the equipment supports 20W or more.
If not supported, the lamp will fail. )
○ Cannot be used with lighting fixtures with different bases.
○ With a closed type device or a device close to a closed type, the temperature rise will be large, and
Do not use as it will shorten the lamp life. Use open equipment.

● Precautions for use
※Please confirm.

○ Cannot be used outdoors. (Cannot be used even with closed appliances)
○ Do not use in a place where it is exposed to water drops or in high humidity.
○ Since the way the light spreads (light distribution) is different from that of a light bulb,
Types of fixtures (such as fixtures with lamps mounted sideways or diagonally)
Depending on the case, proper light distribution and brightness may not be obtained.
○ Do not use in a place where the ambient temperature of the lamp exceeds 40 ° C.
The recommended ambient temperature is (-5 ° C to 40 ° C). It lights even at (-5 ℃ or less), but
Since it is not low temperature and waterproof, it cannot be used in an environment where condensation occurs.
○ Use at the indicated voltage.
It may cause a short life or non-lighting.
○ Because there are variations in light color and brightness of LED light sources,
Please note that the light color and brightness may differ even for products with the same model name.
○ Life is the time it takes for the luminous flux to drop to 70%. The indication is the design life,
We do not guarantee the life of the product.
The LED chip will not burn out, but the power supply board will break down depending on the usage conditions.
It may turn off.
○ Place the appliance near a hot object (stove, gas range, etc.) or in a place where humidity is generated.

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